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To register as a student, you can either register in person at our school or sign-up online by filling up the form below. If you decide to sign-up online for INDIVIDUAL Lessons, you are required to make a NON-REFUNDABLE payment of $100 via your prefered payment method to complete the registration. This initial payment will go into off-setting your administrative fees and / or course fees upon the confirmation of your enrolment. (If you have already completed the form but have yet to make payment, click here)

If you are signing up online for TRIAL / GROUP Lesson(s), please check with our school administrator with regards to the payment amount for the course you are interested in. You are required to make payment for this amount in FULL via your preferred payment method in order to secure the lesson booking.

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  • What are your preferred days/times for your lessons?
    Weekday Afternoon
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    Weekend Afternoon / Night
    Do you have any music background?
    No foundation at all Diploma Levels
    Piano Practical Grade 1 – 4 Self taught and can play abit (Instruments)
    Piano Practical Grade 5 – 8 Took up music/singing CCA in school last time
    What’s your purpose in taking up these lessons?
    Just for leisure I have always liked music, but did not have a chance to take up lessons in the past
    Hoping to be good enough to perform next time Looking to further my music abilities and pursue music as a career
    Special purpose, eg for wedding / surprise performance For worship purposes
    I have no idea why
    How do you prefer your lessons to be conducted?
    I prefer to follow a fixed syllabus in a group class
    I prefer to have flexibility in an individual setting
    Are you planning to learn long term?
    Yes, I am in it for the long term
    No, a few months should be enough
    Depends on how the lessons go
    I would like to have a Trial Lesson first before deciding to sign up for regular classes
    How often do you travel for work / holiday?
    Few times in a month
    Once a month
    Once in a few months
    Rarely. My schedule is quite stable
    Why did you decide to come to Intune Music?
    Friend recommendation I attended classes elsewhere, and am looking for a place to further my skill
    I am impressed by the many courses you offer Near my workplace/school
    This is exactly what I am looking for Impressive website
    You offer courses that I can't find elsewhere Reasonable fees
    How did you first learn about us?
    Website Walk past our school
    Google Ads Facebook
    Word of Mouth Youtube
    Newspaper/Magazine Online forums and classifieds
    What are your goals and expectations for your lessons?
  • Payment Method

    Payment can be made via any of the following 3 modes (Please allow 1-3 days of processing time):
    1) Bank Transfer to OCBC Account 647-267210-001 under the name of 'Intune Music Pte Ltd'
    2) Credit Card Payment via Paypal (An additional 4% tax will be incurred with Paypal payments)
    3) Cheque Payment via snail mail to 1 Selegie Road, PoMo, #02-12/13, Singapore 188306. Cheque is to be made out to payee 'Intune Music Pte Ltd'.

    Note: Online application will not be processed until payment is received. Full payment must be made on the day of the lesson, before the lesson commences. Please submit the form and then proceed to make payment promptly so we can process your application as soon as possible. If you have selected PayPal as the payment method, please click on the PayPal button found on the next page upon the submission of this form to complete the payment.

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