Wedding Services

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. That is why we understand that you would want it to be perfect. Everything from the gown to the photography and the music has to be absolutely up to your pristine high standards.

We know that it is not easy to organise such a huge event in your life. And that you are probably having headaches (or maybe even arguments) about what wedding photographer to engage and which wedding gown to rent or buy, which hotel/ballroom to rent, and also whether to have 'live music' at your wedding event.

Well, we would like to help you take away some of that stress, by offering you many solutions to the headaches you may be having right now about wedding music and performance.

These are some common worries of wedding couples and our solutions to them:

How do we select which wedding live band to hire, and what sort of music / performers we want?

We have a wide range of performers who can do anything from pop, love ballads, to jazzed up numbers. We also have various instrumentalist and singer combinations, from just a 2-piece set up (guitarist and vocalist) to a full band setup with drums, guitars, keyboards, and 2 vocalists. You can choose from the singers we have before making the decision whether to hire us or not.

Will we be wasting our money on 'live music' for the wedding event?

For most of the weddings that you have attended, which were the ones that you truly remembered and had a deep impression? Chances are, they were the ones with live performances, be it a live band, or the couple singing live on stage, or maybe even other interesting acts on stage.

Nowadays, the audience at weddings are getting so sophisticated that wedding events truly need to be run just like a professional event for a public audience!

Will it be too expensive and burst our budget for our wedding? We have already spent quite a lot of money..

We have a range of wedding performance packages, as mentioned above, from a simple 2-piece setup to a full band setup, and we are sure that we are able to find something to suit your ideal budget. We certainly don't want you to burst your budget, because we know that you have many other things to spend on and worry about!

We don't want our wedding to be the standard wedding with live music. We want something unique and special since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event for us!

This is where we really enjoy doing what we do! As a one-stop solution for wedding music and performances, we are able to do the following unique and special services just for you:

a) Professional Recording, Music Arrangement and Post Production for Original Songs that we can help you to compose (or you can write yourselves)

b) Music re-arrangements, Recording and Post-production for cover songs that you would like to perform during your wedding

c) Live Band and Sound System Rental Services

d) Learn to sing and play 1 simple song on an instrument (for example Ukulele, Keyboard, Guitar) to perform for your other half on stage

We also recommend ALL the couples who come to our studio to film the process and also take many pictures so that they can put it into their wedding montage powerpoint :)

So you see, we are really going all out to take out the worries in your wedding preparation, and give you a wedding that you can truly remember for life! Here are some videos of our performers in action at weddings:

  • Aaron Wedding Performance by Aaron and Chi Sheng

    Unplugged Trio at Artistry Cafe by Junior, Zhihui and Evan

    Guitar and Saxophone Combination at North Bridge Road Food Centre


Contact us at now with your wedding request, and we will be sure to help you to achieve your dream wedding with our professional music and singing services!