Professional Music Production

Apart from conducting our day-to-day music lessons at Intune Music School, we are also professional musicians with a great love for music and singing! This is why we also offer the following specialized and professional music services:

  • Intune Music has full-scale CD recording and production capabilities, and we have produced professional albums for commercial release. In September 2014, Intune Music released an EP Album of 3 songs for Vocal Director Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强). The album was entitled 《守护》 and featured renowned music arrangers like Terence Teo and Kenn C, as well as songwriter and music producer Peng Chi Sheng.

    Visit Aaron Matthew Lim's artiste website at
  • To mark the start of 2015, Intune Music embarked on an ambitious project to write a new and original Chinese Year song for Mediacorp Radio, and also to involve 24 local Mandarin Mediacorp Radio deejays from 933FM, 972FM and 958FM, as well as a select group of local artistes, to sing for this song.

    This original Chinese New Year song is entitled 《收听快乐》 (Shou Ting Kuai Le), and was written and produced by our Music Director Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜). Intune Music's professional music arrangers did the music arrangement for this song!

    This song involved a great number of Mediacorp Radio Deejays from the 3 major radio stations of 933FM, 972FM and 958FM! These include 林佩芬 Pei Fen / 谢家发 Jia Fa / 萧嘉蕙 Jia Hui / 钟坤华 Kun Hua / 陈宁Chen Ning / 蔡伟彬 Wei Bin / IVY 陈艾薇 / JEFF from 933 FM, 周崇庆 Chong Qing / 蔡礼莲 Li Lian / 洪圣安 Sheng An / 叶咏梅 Yong Mei / 陈粉樱 Fen Ying / 曾晓英 Xiao Ying / 陈碧玉 Bi Yu from 972FM, 黄淑君 Shu Jun / 巫许玛莉 Wu Xu Ma Li / 邱胜扬 Sheng Yang / 潘家镳 Jia Biao / 林灵芝 Ling Zhi /高逸芯 Yi Xing / 梁萍 Liang Ping / 曾生莲 Sheng Lian / 王帝璁 Di Cong from 958 FM! The full list of deejays involved is available in the music video ending credits. See if you can spot your favourite radio deejays in the video.

    Local singers Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强), Bevlyn Khoo, Elaine Lam, Dawn Wong and Lorraine Tan also lent their voices to this song.

    Check out the song in the music video below:

  • Our school was also honoured to have produced a Charity Song, 'Lean On You', in support of Run For Hope 2012 which aims to raise funds for cancer research. This charity song project involved 40 local artistes, including performing duo Jack & Rai, Chen Diya and Carrie Yeo (Freshman), Nick Shen Weijun, Silver Ang, Wallace Ang, Bevlyn Khoo, Jerome Won, Tay Kexin, and even Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng!

    Our vocal producers Mr. Aaron Lim and Mr. Peng Chi Sheng also guided the singers in the recording studio on how to sing, making sure that the 40 singers and artistes involved were able to record their voices well and create a song that was impressive and fun! View the full music video here:

  • Backup Vocals are vital in adding to the fullness and variety of any pop song in the market. Our school provides backup vocals singing and arrangement services, with professional backup vocalists who can design and sing great harmonies for a great sounding song. Our vocalists can also do 'live' backup vocal performances, adding to the fullness of your concert performance!