School Policy

Lesson Cancellation

You are required to inform our school at least 2 working days before your lesson, should you wish to cancel or reschedule the lesson. Notification must be made during our official operational hours. Notifying us 1 day before or on the day itself will result in the lesson still being charged as per normal.

We do understand that most last minute or on-the-day lesson cancellations are due to reasons that are out of your control, for example OT, meetings, school work and other events. However, we seek your understanding that the school and your instructor have already set aside the timeslot for the day for your lesson. Should you be unable to turn up, the instructor will still have to be remunerated, and this is why we will still charge for the lesson.

Should the late cancellation be due to sudden medical and other urgent reasons, we do practice a case-by-case appraisal for each cancellation. A medical certificate (MC) will have to be produced for lesson cancellations due to medical reasons, and a makeup lesson will be arranged for the lesson that you missed. This makeup lesson will be arranged for you with the next available instructor. For individual students, a 1 hour (or 45 mins) makeup lesson will be arranged. For duo class students, a 30 min makeup lesson will be arranged for the person who was ill. However, should you be unable to show that you were prompt and responsible in informing our school about your unfortunate situation, we reserve the right not to provide a makeup lesson for you.

Instructors are also human, and they fall sick too. Should your regular instructor be unable to conduct lessons on the day, we reserve the right to replace him/her with another instructor, or to inform you at the earliest hour of lesson cancellation. We seek your understanding in both cases.

We also understand that all our students have very busy lives, and that you may not be able to come for lessons as regularly as you wish to. However, if we have reserved a fixed timeslot for you each week, we will only be able to allow up to 1 (ONE) LESSON CANCELLATION each month. This is to be fair to other students who would also like to have regular lessons and who would be able to commit to the timings given.

If we have not reserved any fixed timeslot for you, we would still expect you to commit to a minimum of 4 lessons every 6 weeks. This is because your lessons require a certain level of commitment and regularity in order to achieve the best results.

Should you be very sure that you can only attend lessons in an ad hoc manner (ie booking lessons once or twice each month), we will also be able to accommodate for this, but we will have to charge a 10% premium above our regular fees for this special flexible arrangement.

Lesson Scheduling

Should you be unable to come for lessons regularly every week, we seek your understanding that we will be unable to reserve a fixed weekly timeslot for you. This is to allow us to be able to cater for those students who are able to commit to a regular schedule for a better learning experience.

Suspension and Termination

You have to give at least 1 month's written notice should you need to suspend or terminate your course. Our instructors need to be informed in advance as they need to plan their lesson timetable and scheduling. Should you miss out on your regular lessons and fail to inform us, we will continue to charge you for lessons until your fees have been fully utilised.

Should we not hear from you for a duration of 6 months to a year, or should you be uncontactable for a year or more despite our best efforts to reach you, we reserve the right to forfeit all lesson fees and deposit payments which you have made to our school. This is to allow us to account for our fee collections, and also to streamline our services to focus on the students who are keen to carry on their learning journey with us.

It is your responsibility to update us about your latest changes in contact details, so that we can keep you informed about lesson changes and scheduling arrangements.