Learning Concerns

Do I need to have any musical background to join your courses?
No, you do not need any background. All our courses are structured for beginners and upwards, and our instructors will provide the necessary learning materials and methods.
I already have some prior musical background. Can I skip the beginning stages?
Yes, but you will need to meet up with our instructors for a brief assessment of your ability. We will then arrange for you to join an existing class that suits your standard.
What if I am too slow or too fast in the class?
Our instructor will try to pace the lessons at a suitable speed for the students in the class. If your pace is really not on par with your fellow classmates, we will arrange for you to join another class that suits you or suggest other solutions customized for your needs.
What is the average age group of the students in your school?
The average age group of our current students is from teenagers to adults of 20 - 30 years of age, up to even 70 years of age! Age is no barrier when it comes to learning music.

Scheduling Concerns

Do you conduct individual lessons?
Certainly. We understand that you may have a busy work, family or personal schedule. Our individual lessons can cater to your specific scheduling needs.
When enrolling for group classes, can I indicate the days and times that I would prefer to have my lesson on?
Yes. You may state your preferred days and timings when you enrol, and we will do our best to arrange the next upcoming intake according to your selected timeslots. Alternatively, our available timeslots are always uploaded on our website for everyone’s reference.
What happens if I have to miss a lesson due to personal reasons?
There are no makeup lessons for group classes. This is because the group consists of other students who will be attending lessons as per normal. For individual classes, you will need to inform us at least 2 days in advance. Details are available in the section on ‘School Policy’.
Do you conduct lessons on weekends and Public Holidays?
Yes, in fact we conduct lessons 7 days a week, except for gazetted major public holidays. For lessons that fall on major public holidays, the lesson will either be rescheduled or postponed. Click here to find out more about our school opening hours.
What if I am unable to attend my lessons for a period of time due to work or personal reasons?
You may suspend your lesson for up to a period of 6 months until you are ready and able to come back for lessons. We will then assess your case and arrange for you to join an existing class that is suitable. Other lesson suspension details can be found in our section on ‘School Policy’.

Payment Concerns

What forms of payment do you accept?
We only accept NETS, Cash or Cheques at the moment. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Intune Music Pte Ltd’.
Do I have to place any deposit or pay any registration/material fees?
There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $20 for all our courses. This is to account for registration and administrative costs, and also to cover our printing of handouts and other lesson materials that bear the Intune Music brand name.

We also collect a deposit equivalent to $100 nett. This deposit is refundable, and you will need to inform us at least 1 month in advance of your date of termination. During this one month, we would expect you to continue with your lessons regularly, and attend a minimum of 2 lessons before your date of termination. Should you fail to give us sufficient notice, we reserve the right to forfeit your deposit.
How often should I pay my course fees?
Students have to pre-pay for their lessons, and so all course fees are payable every 4th lesson of each 4 lesson block, in advance of the next 4 lessons. Payment may occur once or twice in a month, depending on how many lessons are conducted within the month.

Other Concerns

Do you conduct specialized courses for companies, social groups or even schools?
Certainly! We have extensive experience in conducting workshops and seminars at companies and schools, and have also organized courses for social groups and corporate bonding events.
What happens after I complete one of your courses?
Students who complete their respective course will receive a Certificate of Completion for that course. Those students who show potential will be given opportunities to join our school’s performing group, as well as to become demo singers for local songwriters and musicians. Check out our Performance Videos to find out more about our Performers!