Pop Songwriting

No music background? No worries! Our songwriting programme will show you how to write your own tunes.


 $320 (Every 4 Lessons)
 $240 (Every 4 Lessons)
 $200 (4 Lessons)

Pop Songwriting Programme

Our songwriting programme teaches students the rudiments of pop songwriting, as well as how to use chords, melodies and simple music arrangement and accompaniment playing patterns to create a great original song! We equip students with the basic musical skills required for songwriting, namely solfege score reading, keyboard playing, sing and play techniques, as well as simple music arrangement skills.

Students will learn how to read and write solfege score, so that they will be able to put their tunes down in writing. Also, students will learn keyboard skills as well as sing and play techniques, in order to be able to present or perform the songs that they have written. This programme will also provide students with aural training as well as melody and song appreciation, so as to be able to understand how certain songs are able to become chart-toppers!

At the end of the programme, students will be able to record their own original song compositions so as to share their songs with their friends and family!

* Students have to find their own group members if they wish to sign up for group classes.


Individual / Duo / Group (3 - 6 pax)


12 months (48 lessons)


1 / 1.5 hour(s)