Classical Piano

The Piano is a favourite with many music lovers! Learn to play the piano under the guidance of our experienced pianists and instructors!


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Classical Piano Programme

A lot of people think that classical piano lessons are very boring.

But it’s just not true!

Our Classical Piano Programme teaches students the basics of playing the piano, with lessons conducted in a casual and friendly music school environment. This includes teaching students the basic notes of the stave, musical rhythms and beats, and also musical scales that are necessary for good finger strength development.

Our Experienced Piano Teachers are very effective in helping you to learn to play the piano, and they will help you to avoid many of the obstacles that you may meet along the way. Songs can also be customized to your learning levels and musical interests, and these will add much joy to your learning journey at our music school.

Many of us have probably tried to learn the piano on our own, but it can be tough at times. By having Private Piano Lessons with us, your learning speed will be accelerated even more and you will be able to achieve your goals faster! Try Us Now!

*Lessons are conducted on an Essex piano, under the renowned Steinway brand of pianos.

Fee Schedule




12 months (48 lessons)


45 min - 1 hour