Ming Bridges
Singer-Songwriter, Actress and Model

I first started learning singing from Aaron just to take part in a competition then. He taught me how to pick songs for the competition, and also how to choreograph my movements with my singing so as to make my performance much more entertaining and engaging!

His techniques made me confident on stage, and I eventually won that singing competition as well as a recording contract with an artiste management company! I'm looking forward to learning much more from Aaron and to become a successful artiste!

I have been taking pop piano lessons with Chi Sheng for close to half a year, and every lesson is still as enjoyable as the first. He is a very talented teacher and he inspires me everytime I hear him play.

He had a tremendous part to play composing and teaching me my piano piece for my performance during Star Search. I definitely couldn't have done it without his guidance. I look forward to growing in my musical path with him...and perhaps one day, be almost on par with him!

- Jennen Goh
Pop Keyboard Student
I used to be unclear about what vocal placement or diction meant, and often used one dominant placement to sing. This meant that my voice was quite sharp most of the time, and had little variety in tone.

Aaron taught me a lot about how to use my voice better, as well as how to explore my diction and the sounds that I can produce, so as to create dark, bright, airy or solid tones! This meant that I could vary my voice more when I sang, and I'm much more confident onstage now with my new-found vocals!

- Angela Ling
Pop Vocal Student
Singing has never been a big problem for me, and I have always been able to hit many notes with ease. What Aaron did was to teach me how to utilize my voice better, and to add depth and variety to my singing, so as to make my singing even more interesting and engaging!

I have also learnt a lot about harmony singing from Aaron, and am looking forward to learning much more in the future!

- Maverick Teo
Pop Vocal Student

Irwin Fua
Singer-Songwriter, Regular Vocal Student

Aaron has been my vocal coach and mentor for the past 9 years. He is extremely patient and is very detailed in his teaching. I have gained much from his guidance and support, especially during the time when I was competing in the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 2012 reality singing competition.

He inspired me to reach for greater heights and to challenge myself in whatever I do. Now, I am working in the music industry fulltime doing performances, teaching and production. I also take part in local films and songwriting projects. I am still taking vocal lessons from Aaron, and he will always be my mentor and friend!

I have learnt about singing from Aaron, being one of the students that he personally trained to become vocal instructors. He has taught me a lot of the logic and analysis that is required when teaching singing, and also gone very in-depth into understanding how we sing and how we as vocal instructors can guide others to sing better.

His teaching techniques are clear and easy to understand, and they make learning all the more fun and interesting! Now, I am a qualified vocal instructor, and I am using the very techniques taught to me by Aaron to teach others!

- Zuo En
Pop Vocal Instructor (Intune Music)
I have been a long-time student of Aaron's, and he has really taught me a lot about singing and music. I used to have problems with my vocal placement, not knowing where my voice would make the transition from a solid to a weaker sound.

Aaron taught me how to use this to my advantage, and make this my unique vocal trademark whenever I sang! Now I am proud of how I sing, and can't wait to sing at our school's upcoming performances!

- Shu Zhen
Pop Vocal Student
I used to sing with my throat and was unable to hit the high notes without straining for them. This made it all the more difficult for me to hit them, and made my throat feel tired and hoarse every time i sang.

Aaron taught me how to relax my throat when singing, and this allowed me to hit notes that I had never hit before with greater ease! I'm looking forward to singing songs with greater difficulty with my new-found vocals!

- Klenn Tan
Pop Vocal Student
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