Estill Voice Training Course Presented by Naomi Eyers!

February 20th, 2019

    Register before 13 Jan 2019 to save more than $150!  The Complete Estill Voice Training is suitable for anyone who is working with the voice: professional singers, students and amateurs, singing teachers, speech & drama teachers, actors; speech therapists & speakers.  This course delivers the essential Estill Voice Model: Level 1 (Figures for […]


Estill Voice Introductory Training Workshop!

October 20th, 2018

  Are you stuck in your own process of discovering your own voice, and feeling like no matter what you do, you just keep staying in the same spot? Or maybe you have been working on improving your vocalization, pitching and voice quality? Or, are you seeking to learn more about how the voice works, […]


当回忆遇见音乐 ( 班长 X 肥白兔 )

October 19th, 2018

How will ocarina (陶笛) and piano sounds like together? The only way to find out is to attend this special showcase by Intune Music Director Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜) and Lim Szei Ching ! Both of them will be performing famous songs that they grew up with which will definitely jolt your collective memories, growing up in […]