SINGAPORE IN TUNES – A Selection of Singapore Music Over Different Eras !

August 4, 2018

In celebration of Singapore’s National Day, join alumnus, Aaron Matthew Lim (Arts & Social Sciences, ’02), Director of Intune Music and friends on a journey of Singapore’s music through the years. Indulge in familiar tunes from the yester-years of Pan Xiu Qiong and the Xinyao era to modern S-Pop and present-day indie bands and artistes.


Date: 4 August Saturday 2pm

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House (11 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore 119244)

Together with Aaron Matthew Lim, some of Singapore’s renowned composers, producers and singers who will be performing and presenting are:

George Leong 梁伯君 | George is best known for his meticulous music arrangement and production work. In 1992, Rock Records 滾石唱片 signed George up for an eight-year stint in Taiwan. He worked with artistes such as Tracy Hwang 黃鶯鶯, Sarah Chen 陳淑樺, Sandy Lam 林憶蓮, Alex To 杜德偉, Whinnie Shin 辛曉琪, Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文, Karen Mok 莫文蔚, Energy, Fish Leong 梁静茹 ,Jonathan Lee 李宗盛,Emil Chau 周華健, Richie Ren 任賢齊, Pauline Lan 蓝心湄, Coco Lee 李玟,Johnny Chen 小蟲,Mayday 五月天,Michael & Victor 光良 品冠 and the late Leslie Cheung 張國榮 and Anita Mui 梅艳芳.

George Leong 梁伯君

George Leong 梁伯君  (

One of his most notable arrangements is 【追】,the title track from the movie 【金枝玉叶】 performed by Leslie Cheung 張國榮 and 【听说爱情回来过】 performed by Sandy Lam 林忆莲. He has composed music for Fish Leong and Mayday 【彩虹,Coco Lee 【等爱降落】, Alex To 【愛你愛的不尋常】 and Energy’s 【永远不说再见】–these earned him multiple platinum records.

Brian Ng 黄超群 (Brian Ezra Ng) |Brian Ng 黄超群 is a Singaporean actor proudly managed by The Changing Point (TCP).


Since the age of 11, Brian has acted in various local drama serials including We are REM, Heartlanders, 萤火虫的梦,起飞 and more recently; 美味下半场. Brian will also be acting as the lead character Yang Yi Wei in the upcoming Crescendo Musical.

For more information on The Changing Point (TCP).

Tay Sia Yeun (郑夏韵) | Sia Yeun was the First Singaporean on 梦想的声音2016 – 素人歌手and the Top 6 finalists for The Voice of China – Singapore Audition 2014.


Sia Yeun’s mastery of her voice and the different genres is a result of a long and arduous journey.

With a late and jittery start in 2003, she began vocal training with the famous Asian veteran songbird, Ms. Pan Xiu Qiong. She did not know what lay ahead, but fate would have her meet many people with whom she would repeatedly cross paths with. One of these people is Mr Erick Guansing, whom she met at Singapore Street Festival in 2004. In 2006, Erick guided Sia Yeun to unlearn and relearn her breathing, enabling her to overcome her spine injuries that caused her pain even when breathing.

In 2008, a major flu damaged Sia Yeun’s inner ears. With her hearing partially impaired, she had to unlearn and relearn the ability to catch the feel and pitch of the music.

All the unlearning and relearning allowed Sia Yeun to have a deep understanding of the features and the control of her voice.

Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜) | Chi Sheng’s love for music began when he was very young, having attended classical piano lessons since he was 4 years old. After finishing his Grade 8 exams, he realised that his inclination for pop music is much stronger than classical piano and so he decided to take up pop songwriting to learn how to write the songs that were ringing in his heart.


Under the mentorship of renowned local songwriter Lee Wei Song, Chi Sheng sold his 1st published song “This Time It Is Real 这次是真的” to famous Hong Kong actor Tony Leung 梁朝伟. Chi Sheng was also invited by Cultural Medallion 2012 Winner Dr. Liang Wern Fook to re-interpret 5 of his popular Xinyao hits – 想着你的感觉,恋之憩,担心,说时依旧,你的倒影 – as piano instrumentals, and to also be the assistant producer for Dr. Liang’s very first instrumental album. The album was well received, and proved to be a good testament of Chi Sheng’s piano playing abilities.

In 2007, together with local singer and vocal coach Aaron Matthew Lim, Chi Sheng founded Intune Music, a Singapore pop music school that specializes in singing courses. Within a few years of establishment, the school attained many awards, including the Top 500 SME Award in 2012.





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