Happy Birthday, Singapore!

July 31, 2019

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

In celebration of Singapore’s 54th Birthday, Intune Music will be offering you discounts for all our music courses that will definitely put a smile on your wallets!

Being among the first 5 enrolments during the month of August, you will be entitled to a 15% Discount for the 1st 6 months! If you are not among the first 5 enrolments, you will still be entitled to a 10% Discount for the 1st 3 months and the difference in savings will be sustainable!



For example, for our Pop Vocal Individual Programme, if you are among our first 5 enrolments of August, the total savings will be $288 in accumulative total as compared to only $96 in savings if you are not among the first 5 enrolments! Yes, we did the math for you!

Our instructors are all qualified and passionate in their teaching! Instead of having a generic course structure for every student, our lessons are personalized to each student’s progression and learning curve, even in a group setting, to ensure that every student enjoys learning their courses, regardless whether it is Pop Vocal Singing, Keyboard, Ukulele, Guitar, Classical or Broadway Singing.

All our instructors have received good reviews from our students! Look at what our student has to say  after attending lessons with us!

“I really enjoyed the lessons, as every session I learn something new about my voice and how to improve it with different singing techniques and warm ups. The lesson plans were personalised to suit every individual (even in a group setting), and advice was given very specifically on how to tackle our weaknesses and understand our strengths. I get to understand how my voice works and what are some mistakes I have made in the past when I was out singing karaoke with my friends. I enjoy singing now more than ever before!” – Bernard Koh, Pop Vocal Student

“Zuo En always keeps each lesson light-hearted and enjoyable. She is very detailed in picking up areasthat can be improved upon. She also goes above and beyond to discover the music/songs her students wishes to learn so communicating ideas is extremely easy.” – Jun Ming, Pop Vocal Student

“Charmaine teaches really well, always imparting her techniques and choosing lovely pieces for me to learn. She has an amazing voice and a very bubbly personality. It’s a joy coming for lessons and I look forward to more each week :)” Meagan Tan, Broadway Vocal Student

 If we were to show you all the reviews that we have from our students about their instructors, we would probably need more than 2 pages full, double sided, single line spacing.


You might think that by now, we have already given as much promotion as we can right now, but this is not all.

When you enroll into our guitar lessons and have 3 months of lessons, we will give you a guitar for FREE, while stock last and terms and condition apply!


So, if you are among our 1st 5 enrollments and also a guitar student, in addition to the 15% discount, you will also receive a free guitar (while stock last!), so what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


In line with Singapore’s effort of honoring and caring for the Merdeka Generation and senior citizens, if you have any parents or grandparents above 60 years old, they will be entitled to a permanent 10% discount for any music courses at Intune Music!

They might have been wanting to learn an instrument or had aspired to be a singer when they were younger, but it might have been during a time of struggle, hardship, and sacrifice for Singapore so, it was not ideal for them, but now, it is possible for them to enjoy their hobbies and do what they have always dreamt of doing when they were younger as their contributions have brought such stability to today’s Singapore.

We have had people ask us if they were too old to take on vocal lessons or how to play an instrument, but contrary to popular belief that music should be picked up upon when we are in our youth, research has shown that learning music has positively impacted senior citizen’s health and well-being. Though it may seem tedious in the beginning, but by maintaining a strong cognitive skill is a high priority for senior citizens and it will definitely help them in their memory retention, concentration and coordination.



Did you think that is all? In our Facebook pinned post, there is a riddle for you to solve. Stand a chance to win 1 complimentary seat in the Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop on the 7th of September, Saturday worth ($200)! Only limited to the first 3 answers!

EDIT: All complimentary seats are fully redeemed! 

[Click here for more information on Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop]

Terms and Conditions
1. $288* in savings stated is based on the higher tier courses in accumulative amount
2. 15% Course Discount for 1st 6 month is only valid for 1st 5 enrollemts
3. Deposit of $100 and admin fees of $20 is required for enrolment.
4. This promotion is not to be combined with any other existing promotions and only valid for new enrolement
5. Free Guitar Promotion will be only given after 3 months of lessons are attended and while stock last, in first come first served and condition as-is

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