Estill Voice Training Workshop 2017

March 17, 2017


The Complete Estill Voice Training is suitable for anyone who is working with the voice: professional singers, students and amateurs, singing teachers, speech & drama teachers, actors; speech therapists & speakers.

This course delivers the essential Estill Voice Model: Level 1 (Figures for Voice) and Level 2 (Figure Combinations for 6 Voice Qualities) over 5 consecutive days.

In Level 1 participants learn differentiated muscular control over the 13 parts of the vocal mechanism (Figures) & in Level 2 these Figures are reassembled in different combinations to produce 6 arbitrary voice qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Twang, Sob, Opera & Belting. The course also offers effective solutions for challenging vocal tasks and mechanical strategies for voice control problems, tips for practice & application, warm ups & cool downs.

The course is delivered through lecture, audio & video examples, video endoscopy research, individual teaching and group practice. The group setting allows students to work on their own voice and observe changes in others. There will be opportunity for participants to sing or use spoken voice to apply these concepts and figures in practice and receive expert coaching in an open ‘masterclass’ at the end of the day.

What Drake Lim said after attending a 1 day Introductory Estill Voice Workshop conducted by Intune Music Director, Aaron Matthew Lim!

Drake Lim Testimonial Estill Workshop

In these 5 days in March, Estill Voice Training participants have learnt so much from Naomi Eyers and we definitely made new friends through this workshop!


Intune Music Estill Voice Training Naomi Eyers 5 days workshop (2)


We certainly hope that all the participants had fun and enjoy learning and gain the knowledge about Estill Voice and to be able to apply it in their own fields!

Till next time! 


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