Christmas Carolling at Pomo Mall!

December 22, 2017

Intune Music had a Christmas Carolling on 22 Dec, Friday 1pm at Pomo mall featuring Intune Music Director, Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜)  and vocal instructor, Tay Sia Yeun (郑夏韵)! 

Intune Music Director, Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜) is a Songwriter, Pianist and Producer in Singapore!

Under the mentorship of renowned local songwriter Lee Wei Song, Chi Sheng sold his 1st published song “This Time It Is Real 这次是真的” to famous Hong Kong actor Tony Leung 梁朝伟.

Chi Sheng was also invited by Cultural Medallion 2012 Winner Dr. Liang Wern Fook to re-interpret 5 of his popular Xinyao hits – 想着你的感觉,恋之憩,担心,说时依旧,你的倒影 – as piano instrumentals, and to also be the assistant producer for Dr. Liang’s very first instrumental album. The album was well received, and proved to be a good testament of Chi Sheng’s piano playing abilities.
In 2007, together with local singer and vocal coach, Aaron Matthew Lim, Chi Sheng founded Intune Music, a Singapore pop music school that specializes in singing courses. Within a few years of establishment, the school attained many awards, including the Top 500 SME Award in 2012.

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Tay Sia Yeun (郑夏韵) is a highly versatile singer across a wide variety of genres such as Pop Ballads, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Musicals, and Classical Opera. Music keeps Sia Yeun going.

Sia Yeun’s mastery of her voice and the different genres is a result of a long and arduous journey.

With a late and jittery start in 2003, she began vocal training with the famous Asian veteran songbird, Ms. Pan Xiu Qiong. She did not know what lay ahead, but fate would have her meet many people with whom she would repeatedly cross paths with. One of these people is Mr Erick Guansing, whom she met at Singapore Street Festival in 2004. In 2006, Erick guided Sia Yeun to unlearn and relearn her breathing, enabling her to overcome her spine injuries that caused her pain even when breathing.

Peng Chi Sheng and Terence Teo encouraged Sia Yeun to submit her demo songs to 浙江卫视Zhejiang Television Music Channel “梦想的声音 – Sound of My Dream” show. After two weeks of intense auditions, she became the first foreigner to take part in the show. She appeared in episode 6 of the show, in which she received the judges’ and audiences’ affirmation of both her singing prowess and her unwavering spirit in music. The sponsors Huawei referenced the lyrics of a popular song to encourage Sia Yeun with the line “逆风的方向,借音符飞翔 When facing the headwinds, the musical notes will provide the lift.”

Sia Yeun’s appearance at “Sound of My Dream 梦想的声音” episode 6 on 09-Dec-2016:

– YouTube Round 1 (song only): Opera & Soul Medley l proviBabbino Caro & RespectR
– YouTube Round 2 (song only): 她说

Tay Sia Yeun (郑夏韵)  梦想的声音 (Sound of My Dream) 2016 - 素人歌手 and PK international superstar JJ Lin Intune Music Open House

Catch them performing live on 7 Jan, Sunday at Esplanade Concourse!

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