An Introduction & Application of Estill in Voice Therapy and Beyond

February 27, 2019

Estill Voice Training™ for Clinical Voice Application

If you are a speech pathologist with interest in finding effective exercises to rehabilitate a disordered voice, Estill Voice Training™ offers the practical tools you need!

When: 27th Feb 2019, Wednesday, 1pm – 5pm
Where: Intune Music

This one day workshop looks at the application of Estill Voice Training™ for clinical voice/ speech therapy. This workshop is aimed specifically at therapists and teachers:

  • Learn about basic vocal function and common biomechanical reasons for impairment.
  • Overview of Estill Model and its application in voice therapy & remediation
  • Effective ways to communicate with non professional voice users using the Estill model as basis.
  • Introduction to a hierarchy of skills to support remediation and vocal health.
  • There will be a forum and opportunity for discussion and questions

Presented by

Naomi Eyers
Estill Mentor & Certified Course Instructor
with Service Distinction Advanced Testing Privileges

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