Chi Sheng


Chi Sheng has 12 years of music teaching experience in Singapore. He specializes in pop songwriting and sing-and-play courses, and has produced a variety of local pop music albums.


Pop Keyboard
Pop Songwriting (Mandarin)


Chi Sheng (冯启胜) is Director and Music Producer at Intune Music Pte Ltd, and has 15 years of music teaching experience in Singapore. He specializes in helping musicians and songwriting students turn their regular melodies into popular catchy tunes suitable for commercial recording projects! Chi Sheng is also the music producer for co-director Aaron Matthew Lim’s EP that was launched in September 2014, and he wrote 2 of the 3 songs featured in the album, namely 《守护》(To Protect) and 《回心转意》 (A Change Of Heart), which were very popular with Aaron’s fans!

As a songwriter, Chi Sheng has written and published a number of songs for various artistes in the region. These artistes include regional superstar actor and singer Tony Leung Chiu Wai 梁朝伟, for whom he wrote the song 《这次是真的》, and regional artiste Maggie Teng 邓妙华, for whom he wrote the song 《时限》 for her recent album. Chi Sheng brings this experience with him when he teaches his songwriting and keyboard sing and play students, and he also uses his musical talent for private and corporate music production projects that require his songwriting services.

In terms of production experience, Chi Sheng was honoured to be the Assistant Producer for Cultural Medallion Winner and Xinyao Godfather Dr. Liang Wern Fook’s (梁文福) 1st instrumental CD, “Please Tell Her” 《请你告诉她》, launched in 2011. He played 5 of the instrumental tracks on this CD of 12 songs, for big hits like 《担心》by 陈洁仪,《想着你的感觉》by 巫启贤 and《你的倒影》by 洪劭軒 and 颜黎明. This sparked off a collaboration between Chi Sheng, Dr. Liang, as well as Aaron Matthew Lim, with Dr. Liang coming to Intune Music to record demos for various artistes. Always somebody to break music boundaries, Chi Sheng also produced a jazzed-up version of the Great Eastern advertisement jingle, “Life Is Great”, which was first aired on TV in 2007, and continues to be aired occasionally over the years and enjoyed by many.

Not someone to be content with small achievements, Chi Sheng kept pushing the boundaries for his songwriting and music production. In this year 2015, Chi Sheng achieved yet another breakthrough and produced the music for 《收听快乐》, a brand-new Chinese New Year song written by him which achieved a grand record of 24 Mediacorp DJs from the 3 major Mandarin radio stations of 933FM, 972FM and 958FM being involved in this song project! These DJs include 林佩芬 Pei Fen / 谢家发 Jia Fa / 萧嘉蕙 Jia Hui / 钟坤华 Kun Hua / 陈宁Chen Ning / 蔡伟彬 Wei Bin / IVY 陈艾薇 / JEFF from 933 FM, 周崇庆 Chong Qing / 蔡礼莲 Li Lian / 洪圣安 Sheng An / 叶咏梅 Yong Mei / 陈粉樱 Fen Ying / 曾晓英 Xiao Ying / 陈碧玉 Bi Yu from 972FM, 黄淑君 Shu Jun / 巫许玛莉 Wu Xu Ma Li / 邱胜扬 Sheng Yang / 潘家镳 Jia Biao / 林灵芝 Ling Zhi /高逸芯 Yi Xing / 梁萍 Liang Ping / 曾生莲 Sheng Lian / 王帝璁 Di Cong from 958 FM! Local singers were also involved in this production, including Intune co-director Aaron Matthew Lim, Bevlyn Khoo, Elaine Lam, Lorraine Tan and Dawn Wong.

Chi Sheng wanted to stretch his songwriting skills further, and that is why he has also written and produced original tunes for evergreen children rhymes that were made in animations. These were used for the mandarin department of the Ministry of Education (MOE) HQ, and these songs and animations are being used across the nation in all MOE schools for the Primary 1 curriculum! Chi Sheng is certainly a skillful songwriting, able to traverse various song genres as well as different song requests by recording companies, individuals, government organisations and schools. As a music professional, Chi Sheng has also appeared as a regular judge on the Sheng Siong Show for their children singing competitions on national television, and he was also the music director for Budweiser Made for Music, PA Singing Festival, and other major music events.

With regards to his music achievements, Chi Sheng has achieved Honours for the London College of Music Pop Vocals Grade 8 Examinations, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree – Upper 2nd Class Honours in Recording Arts from Middlesex University, in partnership with the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute, Singapore. He also has qualifications in Grade 8 (Theory and Practical) Classical Piano from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).


Sheng Siong Performance by Intune Music Director Chi Sheng and Artiste Jerome Won!

Aaron Lim, Chi Sheng and Jeremiah Chong performing @ COMPASS Dinner 2012 at MBS

Chi Sheng on Piano in Steinway Gallery for Jerome Won's MV

收听快乐 (Shou Ting Kuai Le) CNY 2015 Song

Tony Leung's MV "这次是真的"