Aaron Matthew Lim`s EP concert has come to a successful end

October 28, 2014

Intune Music Director, Aaron Matthew Lim, 林伟强, recently held his first EP Album Launch Concert on 12th Oct 2014 , Sunday , 5pm at Esplanade Recital Studio.

He sung a total of 14 songs, 11 covered songs and 3 from his EP, “守护“,”调色盘“ & “回心转意”。Every song that he sang meant something to him and they play a big part in his music career for the past years.

The highlight of the concert was the special appearance of guest pianist , Mr. Derrick Tham, whom Aaron had been working with for years. Mr Tham is the composer of “最近” – 李聖傑, “讀心術” – 卓文萱 & “會過去的” – 梁靜茹  as well as many other well-known songs.

Another highlight was the special appearance of guest er-hu performer, Mr.Mike Chiang, whose flawless er-hu playing matches Aaron`s melodic voice so well. He also plays for his EP song “回心转意”。

Aaron showed that he not only know how to sing, but he knows how to play the piano as well with his solo sector on the grand piano.

On top of that, we were very happy to announce that it was a full house ! Thank you everyone that had attended the concert. Check out the photos here

Here`s the MVs for 2 of his EP songs. Check them out ! 😀

守护 & 调色盘 

If you like the songs, you can purchase his EP at any CD rama store or make your way down to Intune Music School to get one now ! 😀

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